A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Racing League is an arcade style multiplayer and single player racing kart game

Let me tell you about my game, it's name is "Racing League" and it's aim is to bring the Mario kart experience to the PC and it's 3D so, here's my pitch it's on itch  I ain't getting rich as it's free.

Are you ready for the Mario kart experience on the PC?
My YouTube channel

this game is single-player but it does have multiplayer but at the moment it needs a bit work before I can confidently say this game is multiplayer


Racing kart

Development log


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Loved the game, a small mario cart style game, obviously early in development but that leaves a lot of room for content and am excited to see where this leads!!!Keep it up and always a pleasure to try out your games =) Your game is third in the vid!

Oh thanks a lot! I'll watch the vid right now.